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Picky (the helpful search engine)

… on a Heroku server instance.

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The colors mean

green: Yay, results!

orange: Picky needs input.

red: No results, sorry.

Fun things to try!

Where is sinatra used? sinatra (then, click on "using")

How many gems use rspec? use:rspec (check the number)

Gems that are by Kaspar that use flexmock: kaspar flexmock

The same, explicitly qualified: by:kaspar using:flexmock

Doesn't have to be "using:", can also be "needs:", or "dependency:" needs:rspec dependency:flexmock

On what gems did Eloy work? author:eloy Just Eloy works as well: eloy

What is DHH called again? Heynemeyer? heynemeyer~

Hmm, it was a gem that started with "Pi", version 1.0.2. Pi* 1.0.2

The same, but at the end, the asterisk is not needed: 1.0.2 Pi

How many gems are exactly version 1.0.0? 1.0.0

Is picky 1.3 (and friends) already out? picky 1.3 (yes!)

How about Rails 5? name:rails 5 (noooo!)

Code: server config & client config - Idea by Kaspar Schiess & implementation by Florian Hanke